Mathematics & statistics

What would become increasingly apparent as your studies progressed is the central and unique position held by mathematics and statistics in the worlds of:. A mathematically-based university degree course will equip you with expertise which would be much sought after and could be used over a broad spectrum of careers. A mathematical training will allow you to adapt to changing environments in the course of your career. Adaptability is just one attribute associated with mathematicians and statisticians.

Others such as orderliness and precision, logical thinking and insight are highly valued by potential employers. Our graduates enter industries such as manufacturing, the actuarial, accountancy and banking professions, commerce and government, consultancy and education.

Many go on to become investment analysts, numerical analysts, statisticians, actuaries, managers and teachers. This is true both for those students whose interests lie mainly in some other area of science or engineering and for those studying mathematics and statistics in their own right. The subject matter of our courses is constantly updated to meet the challenges and needs of other disciplines, brought about by the advance of technology.

Strathclyde has a reputation of being a friendly place to learn mathematics and statistics. This is one of the key features often mentioned when our teaching is assessed by external organisations, and by our external examiners and visitors to the department.

Each of our students is allocated an Academic Counsellor. The counsellor deals with the general welfare of the student and should be the first port of call if any problems arise, or if advice is needed on any matter. Personal matters are treated in strict confidence. The University also has a Student Advisory Service which provides a wide range of assistance to students. Formal business of interest to both staff and students is conducted by means of a student-staff liaison committee. This body serves as a channel for information on matters such as possible changes to courses and allows students to raise any relevant topics and to express considered opinions.

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However, many matters can be dealt with less formally and students are encouraged to approach relevant members of staff where appropriate.

The Andersonian Mathematical Society acts as a focus for students in the department. The society, which is run by students, organises various events of a mathematical, social or sporting nature, in which staff also participate. There's a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the department with an excellent rapport between staff and students.

This is enhanced by a weekend at 'The Burn' in Edzell when staff and third and fourth year students take part in extra-curricular mathematical and recreational activities in beautiful surroundings.

We're confident that, armed with a mathematics-based degree from Strathclyde, you will be well prepared to play an important role in the modern world. Career opportunities A mathematically-based university degree course will equip you with expertise which would be much sought after and could be used over a broad spectrum of careers.

Why Strathclyde? A friendly place Strathclyde has a reputation of being a friendly place to learn mathematics and statistics.Informal Friday Seminar: Hardesty -- Introduction to perverse coherent sheaves.

Part II. Informal Friday Seminar: Gibson -- How to compute and visualise characters of modular representations of rank 2 groups. Informal Friday Seminar: Cliff -- Vanishing cycles. Geometry and Topology Seminar: Romina Arroyo Queensland -- The prescribed Ricci curvature problem for naturally reductive metrics on compact Lie groups.

Informal Friday Seminar: Liu -- Introduction to cohomology of line bundles on flag varieties. Informal Friday Seminar: Naqvi -- An introduction to buildings. Informal Friday Seminar: Cliff -- An introduction to sheaves on stacks. Informal Friday Seminar: Williamson -- Intersection cohomology over rings.

Geometry and Topology Seminar: Diletta Martinelli Edinburgh -- An introduction to the birational geometry of moduli spaces of stable objects. Joint Colloquium: Masoud Kamgarpour -- Symmetries in mathematics: a personal perspective. Joint Colloquium: Prof. Joint Colloquium: Bursztyn -- Lie theory and geometry of groupoids.

AGR Seminar: Prof. George Willis -- Amenability, measure and randomness in groups. Joint Colloquium: Coquereaux -- From the representation theory of compact Lie groups and their finite subgroups to modular fusion categories associated with affine Lie algebra at some level or quantum groups at roots of unity and their module-categories.

Joint Colloquium: Dykema -- Invariant suspaces and upper triangular forms for classes of infinite dimensional operators.

mathematics & statistics

Joint Colloquium: Dyer -- The counting constraint satisfaction problem. Joint Colloquium: Anthony Licata -- Positivity and integrality from higher representation theory. Joint Colloquium: Palsson -- k-point configurations and multilinear generalised Radon transforms. Transparent proxy no proxy settings needed.

Ricoh printers: hold print, locked print features. When your phone stops working, change your internet banking password.Their research focuses on analyzing models for mean zonal wind in the atmosphere, especially within the Arctic polar vortex. This work is supervised by Dr. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at SHSU has implemented an initiative to adopt open source textbooks and free online homework systems in a large number of courses offered by the department.

In this position, she supports faculty to implement and enhance active learning techniques in their classrooms. Rebecca Garcia and Dr.

mathematics & statistics

One of the fastest growing universities in Texas, Sam Houston State University is a comprehensive public institution of higher education located on a acre main campus in historic Huntsville, 60 miles north of Houston in the Piney Woods region of East Texas. The university has an enrollment of approximately 20, taught by more than full-time faculty.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has 29 tenured, tenure track and visiting faculty in mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics. Current and prospective students make sure to check the information under For Students in the navigation bar on the right. In there you will learn about scholarshipsthe MATH placement examand several other opportunities. Home Academics Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Teaching Highlight - Brandy Doleshal Dr. Faculty Spotlight - Rebecca Garcia Dr.Have you always had a head for Mathematics?

Then you should consider finding out more about that life-long passion. Here are a number of different Master in Mathematics programs you can take that will help you gain a wider understanding of Math. Mathematics is a broad field, and a Master in Mathematics means you can take degrees in anything from Modeling, Financial Mathematics, and Computing to Log… Read more.

Mathematics is a broad field, and a Master in Mathematics means you can take degrees in anything from Modeling, Financial Mathematics, and Computing to Logic and Statistics.

There are several programs so if you are looking to widen your horizons, a Master in Mathematics can also help supplement knowledge of science, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students seeking a Master in Mathematics must have the appropriate educational background and experience necessary for these challenging programs. There are a number of opportunities here for you that can lead to some exciting career prospects in anything from Computer Technology to Finance. The research-oriented Master's program in Mathematics aims at students with a special interest in mathematics as an exact science who want to acquire a broad and deep knowledg Within the Mathematics study program, we aim at preparing you for the career of a scientist or an expert in many different spheres such as industry, banking or insurance servi The Master in Mathematics is a flexible high-standard curriculum that is close to the real needs of the students and the job market.

Devoted to excellence, it offers a great v Few programs prepare students better for jobs in an array of industries than our Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences. Our graduates teach, work in the industry and in g The Mathematics Education major in the Curriculum and Instruction degree program is designed to prepare you to bridge research and practice in the teaching and learning of mat Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics dealing with discrete mathematical structures, i.

The M. The Master in Computational Methods in Science aims to introduce students to the science of treatment and analysis of experimental data, so that a graduate in STEM can appreci Welcome to mathematics at the top of Europe! The programme offers a completely new curriculum covering a wide range of advanced topics in theoretical mathematics, theoretical computer science, and their applications. Courses offered in our Master's program cover a wide range of areas, su The MSc in Applied Mathematics aims at providing high-level competencies for the formalization and the consequent mathematical analysis of problems arising from applied scienc Sign In.

Create Account. Fields of Study. Mathematics is a broad field, and a Master in Mathematics means you can take degrees in anything from Modeling, Financial Mathematics, and Computing to Log… Read more Have you always had a head for Mathematics?The best part? You don't have to be a sports fanatic to work on some sports-centric math problems.

We've created a math worksheet that incorporates data from last year's results. The table below shows the scoring breakdown of each Round of 64 game in Use it to answer questions When you're done, check out the answer sheet. Click here if you want a closer look at our team's full dataset. Check out our articles on mean, median, mode and interquartile range if you need to brush up before getting started.

Question 5: Which region was more "competitive" in the March Madness Round of 64? Which metric would you use to answer this question: Mean or Median? Competitiveness: The smaller the difference between winning and losing score, the more "competitive" the game is. Check out our article on binomial probability if you need a refresher. Free Throw: In basketball, free throws or foul shots are unopposed attempts to score points by shooting from behind the free throw line.

Assuming that each free throw is an independent event then calculating success in free throw shooting can be modeled by Binomial Probability Distribution.

154 Masters Programs in Mathematics

Here's the data for free throws made by players in the National Championship game and their probability of hitting the free throw for the season note the numbers have been rounded to closest one-place decimal number. Question 1: Calculate the probability for each player getting the given number of successful free throws in the number of attempts they took.

Here's the sequence data for the players' free throw shooting in the same game. Question 2: Calculate the probability for each player hitting the exact sequence above. Is the probability different from what was calculated before?

Feeling the March Madness spirit? Check out our tips and tricks for filling out a bracket, and read why it's so tough to predict upsets and pick a perfect bracket. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below.All the information you need to take your education to the next level.

Not sure if uni or college is for you? Find out what else you can do. TEF Silver. Using mathematics to solve industrial and commercial problems has led to vital breakthroughs for human advancement. Mathematical models underpin engineering, the applied sciences, computing and many aspects of business and management today. If you have a skill for mathematics and statistics and a flare for management then this could be the course for you.

The combination of skills developed on this course will open doors to a wide range of careers. This course focuses on how mathematics can solve industrial and commercial problems.

Our sandwich students find that their mathematical and transferable skills are in demand in many sectors, both in the UK and abroad. Areas recently offering placements include: accountancy, aviation, banking, defence, finance, insurance, IT software development, network management and designmanagement public and private sectormarketing and telecommunications. This programme will meet the educational requirements of the Chartered Mathematician designation, awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, when it is followed by subsequent training and experience in employment to obtain equivalent competences to those specified by the Quality Assurance Agency QAA for taught master's degrees.

The number of student respondents and response rates can be important in interpreting the data. For further information, see the Discover Uni website. Visit our website. Skip navigation. Find out your options and start planning your next steps Explore subjects and careers.

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mathematics & statistics

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