Rotmg selling

Play as one of the 21 classes available in this unique experience! Will you team up with your friends to fight challenging bosses, explore new custom dungeons and conquer the realm? You could even take the fight to Aldragine in The Zol Awakening raid, or try and seal Drannol the Eternal Beast once again in a fight for the safety of the realm in the Calling of the Titan raid.

Share on. Random page! Welcome to the official Wiki for Valor Project. The hub for anything Valor. Visit our Discord. Welcome to Valor! Features Raids Custom dungeons with 4 bosses, each more difficult and more rewarding than the last. New item tiers: FabledLegendary and Ancient Relic. Death arena with wave-based rewards and exclusive arena content. Custom currencies Onrane and Kantos. No pets for added difficulty.

A marketplace where you can buy items for gold. Unique Forging system. Ascended characters that increase base stats. New character base stats to balance the game. Custom stats. Increased fame gain when with other players to encourage team work when clearing. A time based realm closing system with custom events to fight.

Lootboxes for even more loot. Spot a mistake?Packed with Great Items. Good Drop Rate. Instant Delivery. With Very Competitive Prices. Talk to Us Instantly via Livechat. We have hundreds of pots, max stats packs, the best equipment sets, and, when made tradable, even untiered items for sale. It's super cheap and it's only a purchase away. Pay with PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, phone, sms, instant online bank transfer or paysafecard.

After completing payment, contact live chat to arrange delivery of your order. Buying rotmg items has never been easier than it is in our Realm of the Mad God shop. Please contact our live chat if you can't find the RotMG stuff you are looking for. The Potionsrotmg shop is currently closed for administrative reasons. We have operated several shops over many years and decided it is too much work to maintain them all.

RPGStash is our main shop with even better product selection and service. We are confident you will like it. We have just updated our website with a cool new look and many new features are under way. Enjoy the improved shopping experience and stay tuned! Select above criteria. Add to cart or. Quantity Add to cart.Equipment in the Realm of the Mad God game is a major improvement as well as maxing your character stats, there are more than 20 types of equipment in the game:.

Each listing differs in atack range, effects, visuals and characteristics, as well as requirements for using by certain classes.

There are 4 types of equipment: weapons, rings, armor and abilities. All of them, are divided have tier, in total there are 14 tiers in the game. Weapons can be 13 tier maximum, armor — 14, rings and abilities — 6. Only fill in if you are not human.

Equipment in the Realm of the Mad God game is a major improvement as well as maxing your character stats, there are more than 20 types of equipment in the game: Weapons Rings Abilities Armors Each listing differs in atack range, effects, visuals and characteristics, as well as requirements for using by certain classes.

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rotmg selling

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Realm of the Mad God Store Page. Global Achievements. Dragongirl View Profile View Posts. Sorry if stupid question, but how do you sell things?

Or really just get rid of them in any way besides just flat out dropping them?

How It Works

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. You can trade them to other players but you cannot sell them. If you have items with high feed power to get rid of, feed them to a pet. Remember that items with less than feed power don't really raise pet stats by much.

You can sell ingame items for cash. However, Kabam doesn't like this and you have to sell in bulk for people buying with real cash money. To sum it up, you might get banned if you get caught trading IRL cash for items and vice-versa.

You can also trade them to other players. The "marketplace" where you sell items is at the bottom of every nexus that's populated. You can try selling in the Realms and the top of the nexus, but it's not as good.

Alternatively, you can feed items to you pets but only items and up. Otherwise it's a waste of your fame and or gold. Never use gold to feed your pet! Oh my god! Don't do this!


And lastly, if you're a wonderful person and if the items aren't all that great, you can always find some newbies and give them some items respective to their class to help them out. I made a guild around doing things like this and just helping others out.

It's really nice and if you 'live' on USEast, I'd be happy to invite you and help you both give things away and give you things as well. It's kind of like a family, to be honest. Cyan, Thank you very much for this insight into playing Realm of the Mad God. I really am interested in this game, and couldn't figure out what to do with items found by fighting in field. You just opened up my eyes. And, I wanted to just say Thank you.

rotmg selling

Good Luck in game. Take care.If you submitted a support ticket, you can use your ticket ID to check on the status of your ticket anytime.

Note: If you were logged in when you created your ticket, you must be logged into that account to be able to view your ticket status. Tickets are a formal communication channel between you and the staff. Please give up to 48 hours for a reply. You are limited to 3 messages within 20 minutes to prevent spam. Please keep the tickets related to one issue at a time. If you encounter another problem, please submit a new ticket instead of replying to an older one.

RotMG Trading - 1 Def to Fairy Plate Armor

If you are not logged in, you may need to verify your identity within the ticket with staff. If you report this mule as broken, you will lose access to it and any items already inside the mule if it is broken.

Please take back all items before you report the mule as broken. If you are unable to login to take the items back, please save the mule's email and password before reporting it, and then submit a support ticket so we can help recover your items. Withdrawal Complete! You have successfully withdrawn some items! Here are your RotMG mule logins:. Got it. Simple Muledump. View Password History. Report Broken Submit Mule! Choose Gamemode Coinflip Duel.

Select Coinflip Items You can wager up to items. Choose your Coin Select a side and decal. Player Enemy. Create Coinflip.

8x Santa Trickster Skin

Select Duel Items You can wager up to 50 items. Customize your Room Select a class to select special settings. Create Duel. Join Coinflip. Join Duel.The following is a price guide.

Use it as a suggestion for the approximate value of a RotMG item in a trade. Also remember that prices change, and can change very quickly. Tips : Remember that if a trade sounds too good to be true, it is generally a scam, also if the person who you are trading with cancels the trade at ANY GIVEN TIME, then proceeds to re-trade you afterward, always double check the item being selected! Pots are used as the currency of RotMG, with defense pots as the base unit. Most of the items in this guide will be priced by def pots.

Other items such as gumballs and beers and wines are worthless. Drake Eggs- 1 spd in general 1 def for white drake eggs. Treasures have a huge price range due to no current usage other than feeding. The minimum street price and what a dedicated collector is willing to pay varies greatly.

This is a rough guide of what they are currently being bought and sold for. Thank you so much for updating this, i use it so often and get turned around, happy new years, mate. October 16, at pm. April 27, at pm. Anonymous says:. April 10, at pm. March 25, at pm. Vintag3lit3 says:. March 20, at pm. February 18, at pm. Cacemomaro says:. January 1, at am. December 30, at pm. Solrex says:. October 21, at pm. Dracuty says:. July 23, at am.

Bombstar says:.

rotmg selling

January 28, at am. Dude says:. December 19, at am. Recinod says:. October 19, at pm. ThProBruh says:.

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